Astrology: How Gullible Are You?

I’ll ignore the fact that it effectively lays waste to individuality through unabashed stereotyping…suggesting that one’s destiny is determined by the month he/she exited his/her mother’s uterus.

But even if the concept is true and we are nothing but pawns in the hand of fate, how does that vindicate astrology? Instead of reading a horoscope in the newspaper, why not go read the entrails of a disemboweled donkey? I assure you, the latter has no less evidence of being the real deal than the former.

As long as there have been gullible people, there have been horoscopes. And as long as there have been horoscopes, there have been disciples of rationality conducting double-blind studies to test the validity of astrology. Guess what the results of those studies showed? Astrology is complete balderdash.

Horoscopes employ what is known as the Forer Effect, named after psychologist Bertram R. Forer, who demonstrated the propensity of people to believe that vaguely worded personality “profiles” (which could apply to anybody) were accurate, custom-tailored profiles.

The very idea that the movement of celestial bodies could somehow influence our physiology is ridiculous. Even astrologers know so. But they’re convinced (why wouldn’t they be if their salaries depend on it?) that it works. But studies have revealed the truth to be completely opposite.

Conduct a simple experimental study yourself: Take the predictions of one star (say, Sagittarius), and spread the word to all your gullible friends, telling them that the predictions apply to their stars. If astrology is accurate, then all your friends would have to report that the predictions are wrong (except for the friend who is, in fact, Sagittarius). If they say that the predictions are true, the Forer Effect would be confirmed and astrology falsified.

Stop littering your minds with superstitious nonsense. Embrace rationality for once and see how that tastes.

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