Cut Military Spendings Now!

With the recent increase in military budget by Pakistan to over $6b, we’re forced to wonder whether the government truly intends to feed its starving nation gunpowder and replace the faculties of its universities with batmen.

With the country assuming the disgraceful role of an international “faqeer”, it’s even more shameful that whatever little money we have in the State Treasury, is being diverted towards the military.

When villas and prime properties are being sold to high-ranking military personnel at the cost of peanuts, naturally the remainder of the cash has to come fromĀ somewhere. And heavens be damned should these armymen be forced to (gasps!) pay for it themselves.

It’s bad enough that the wealthiest people of the country pay no taxes at all, but healthcare and education have almost completely been orphaned by the government, which is clearly being influenced heavily by the military. Whoever said that the “martial law is over” needs to seriously reevaluate his/her stance.

Pakistan currently spends 23.1% of its total budget on military (US, at war with two countries, and also compensating Pakistan for much of the cost of its anti-terrorist operations, is spending only 19.3% of its total budget). Pakistan’s expenditure for education and healthcare remains stuck at 7.8% and 1.3% respectively (as opposed to 17.1% and 19.3% respectively for United States).

The reason they’d provide you for the gross over-expenditure is always the same. That Pakistan, despite already having the fifth largest army in the world, needs a budget boost for its military in order to combat the Islamic militants and effectively end their reign of terror. They conveniently miss out the vital piece of information that the United States is already paying us a billion dollars each year (since 2006) for our operations and rewards generously for capturing wanted militant leaders. In fact, Pervez Musharaff, in a mistake worthy of being transformed into a good blonde joke, admitted during his book tour that the military had been siphoning money out of the special compensatory funds being sent by the US to the families of the Pakistani soldiers who died in the war against terror.

Meanwhile, our education sector, currently sorely in need for 40 billion rupees, has been promised only 15 billion, out of which only 7 billion have so far been delivered.

It’s time for Kayani and his merry-men to stop suckling at Pakistan’s already inflamed teat, and consider allowing some of the funds to divert to sectors which are in desperate need of funding.

    • Ahmed
    • October 30th, 2010

    I agree. bitches…..and to think that most goes to army officers..i mean officers sit in the office and do squat…had it benefit the soldier who fights and toils in the field..i would have approved somewhat.

      • farazspeaks
      • November 1st, 2010


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