Frito Lays and the American Idiot

Frito Lays had recently made a laudable move of switching to environment-friendly, biodegradable bags for their SunChips. Now, due to a tide of consumer complaints about the bags being “too loud”, the company is switching back to the usual environment-raping, non-biodegradable bags. Frito Lays responded to a shocking 11% drop in sales following the launch of the new biodegradable bags…

…which says a lot about Americans. Americans are known worldwide as whiny, spoiled brats, completely ignorant about the conditions of the world outside their own houses. They’re known as people who’d much sooner drive a spear through Mother Nature’s stomach than make the slightest sacrifice for the betterment of their environment, and in extension, mankind as a whole.

This distressing event has only perpetuated the stereotype the world has made for the American people.

When inquired, the dissatisfied consumers presented petty and atrociously idiotic complaints like, “we can’t sneak the bag of chips into the movie theater!” and “it drowns out the sound of the TV!”. Movie-goers, how about you follow the rules of the establishment once in a while? And couch-potatoes, have you considered putting the chips into a bowl? I understand what a tremendous sacrifice that would be on your part, but could you at least try?

Americans need to get their heads out of the bag of chips and look at the bigger picture here. Maybe I should talk in terms that’d be easier for them to comprehend, because clearly facts and figures about pollution go right over your swollen heads. Our world is headed towards the picture depicted at the beginning of Wall-E, with the planet’s surface covered with skyscrapers of trash. We tried getting rid of our garbage-problem by launching it into space, and alarmingly, we’re now using up all the space in space! The International Space Station is now being bombarded by pieces of trash floating through space, and the crew is on a constant lookout for larger objects which can breach the walls.

Americans need to stop living under the delusion that because they’re a superpower, it’s beneath them to make small sacrifices for their planet. It’s bad enough that USA has failed to ratify the Kyoto Protocol, but this is getting insane. All of us, not just the Americans, need to put a lot more effort into saving the environment.

Earth is the only home we have. We won’t be colonizing Mars and Gliese 581 anytime soon, so choose your moves carefully.

    • Ahmed
    • November 15th, 2010

    hahahahhaha!this is so lame!too loud?ahahahahahhaha
    i swear…do they rape the bag which eating chips or what….ahahahaha!good stuff!

  1. Good Article and very observatory survey i must say

    • farazspeaks
    • November 15th, 2010


  2. cool

  3. I’m American, and sometimes I’m ashamed to be one. You are spot on.

      • loneliberalpk
      • January 2nd, 2011

      Americans are accustomed to living lives with all these great perks, and I’m not sure if they truly appreciate that.

      In third world countries like Pakistan, where buying a bag of chips is a luxury, it’s inconceivable how anyone could ever make a ruckus over how “noisy” the bag is.

      There’s a lot we can do to preserve our environment if we just make these tiny sacrifices.

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