No Country For Sane Men

Kohsar market seems to be flickering back to life, but an unmistakable aura of dread and apprehension persists. This was the site of the tragic assassination that took place on the 4th of January. I visited the market yesterday, and it is no longer the place I recall. According to an employee at the Gloria Jeans cafe, the shop has lost much of its business since the attack. Many important customers (including Shereen Rehman, or so he claimed) haven’t returned since.

The moderate voices are being drowned by the cacophony of religious hate-mongers. It seems that the mullahpocalypse is finally upon us, and it’s a threat possibly greater than anything we’ve ever faced…and this is coming from a nation that has recently had three-fifths of its surface inundated by floods. We’re heading for a point where Qadris of this country are going to start shooting teenagers for playing loud music in public, and the Pakistani masses, being the Einsteins that they are, will applaud the killings because the teenagers had been “openly defying Allah’s law”. They will not use their brains to figure out whether the punishment fits the crime..or if a punishment is even prescribed! They’ll just nod mindlessly.

The support for the killer remains strong. And I’m not talking about a small group of ignoramuses, but a clear majority of the Pakistani public that is treating the killer as a hero. Ghazi, is what they’re calling him. This shows that Qadri was only the tip of the iceberg. The dagger of Islamism has penetrated way deeper into this country’s bosom.

On the 12th of January, a Christian woman and her mother were brutally beaten by an aashiq-e-rasool mob that broke into their home, on charges of blasphemy. And what evidence did they possess to prove such an allegation? The word of a Muslim wench who had had a dispute with the Christian woman earlier that day.

Verily, when it comes to religion, all logic and all sense of right and wrong quickly fly out of the window. This incident proves what neo-Atheists have been harping about all along: it’s not the fault of people, but the ideology that corrupts these people to the core.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. We recognize cigarette smoking as hazardous to health not because of its ability to induce lung cancer in all of its users, but by raising the incidence of cancer to a level much higher than what is normal. That’s religion in a nutshell. The more educated and good-hearted people shall continue to resist the poison being injected into their veins by the holy writ, but the rest will keep succumbing to the hate that it propagates under the guise of virtue.

That’s precisely the picture we see today: a nation of blind Quran-thumpers who fail to see anything wrong with the death of a man who was merely questioning a certain law of the land. They fail to recognize that this country is home not only to them and their kin, but also to non-Muslims who deserve to have their say. They have a right to question the law they’re supposed to live under.

So Islamists, you’re free to keep punishing people for blasphemy and apostasy and adultery and motor-boating (or whatever it is that you people feel the need to shed blood over), but then fully expect your ideology to be treated by the civilized world as a religion of barbarians and hooligans. Those who readily kill their fellow men over religion, yet raise a ruckus over burning paper deserve no respect.

It’s time for the liberals of this land to prepare for a mass exodus to a country, any country, where the worth of a man is not measured by the length of his beard, but by his ability to think differently; to a world where diversity of opinion is admired and not discouraged; where the sanity of its inhabitants has not been completely eclipsed by an ancient constitution written in blood…

..and leave this sinking ship at the mercy of social Darwinism.

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