Why Blame God?

Theists often accuse people of refusing to accept their own faults and blame God instead for all misery in the world. They call it escapism.

Following is a dialogue between a policeman and a witness to a horrible crime. I’ll leave it to the reader to figure out who’s right and who’s not.

Policeman: Can you explain what happened here?

Witness : Officer, I saw a man break into my house, torture my daughter for ten minutes, and then stab her in the neck.

Policeman: And where were you at the time?

Witness : Sitting right there in the room.

Policeman: I see. And what did you do?

Witness : Nothing.

Policeman: Nothing? You didn’t try to help?

Witness : Nope. It was none of my business.

Policeman: Oh. You were afraid for your own safety?

Witness : Nope. Actually, I have a powerful stun gun that I keep with me at all times. He couldn’t possibly have harmed me.

Policeman: So why didn’t you shoot the killer and save the poor girl?

Witness : Why didn’t YOU save her officer? Don’t try to blame your inefficiencies on me.

Policeman: Sir, we had to drive half way across the city to reach this place. We weren’t even aware of the crime until it was too late! You were sitting right here with your finger on the trigger! Why didn’t you help the girl?

Witness : (sighs) Escapism. I already told you, it wasn’t my responsibility to save my child. It’s your job. Get a faster mode of transport. Improve security or something. Why blaming me?

Policeman: But…but…you were right there! You didn’t even have to make any major effort! Why didn’t you do something?!

Witness : (Brief silence) Would you believe I was testing the response time of the city’s finest?

Policeman: At the risk of your beloved daughter’s own life?!!

Witness : Meh.

Policeman: Sir, what did you say your name was again?

Witness : Al Goddman, the Merciful One.

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