The Pornstar and the Feminist – II

In the 1960’s, a bunch of women decided they had had enough of people governing their hemlines for them. Referred to as the sexual revolution, of which feminists were invaluable proponents, people fought for the right to be able to express themselves sexually as they pleased. To have autonomy of their own bodies, and be free from society’s ludicrous expectations concerning personal sexual matters.

It was fun while it lasted.

Later in the 90’s, came a third wave of pseudo-feminism, a resurgence of the old Catholic philosophy under the guise of liberalism. Why? Because saying, “Dress to please God!” was becoming too unpopular, and these prudes needed to hitch a ride on a cooler-looking wagon. This wave threatens to undo what the second wave of feminism so desperately fought for: a woman’s freedom to be able to express herself sexually without the fear of judgement. There goes the dream, in a parabolic path back to world where women are expected to look like nuns.

You know how animosity is an aphrodisiac, right? Well, after decades of direct antagonism, the new feminists have fallen back in bed with the same right-wingers they once ardently opposed. Together they stand against pornography and sex-trade, as being “demeaning to women” (because sex in general is demeaning to women, I suppose). They’ve joined hands in telling women not to wear revealing clothing or go for cosmetic enhancement, as they may end up transforming themselves into objects of sex. How curious that these “feminists” are now fighting for almost all the things that the mullahs and the priests have been pushing for, for the last couple of centuries. It’s the same old slut-shaming, now with an updated excuse.

There’s an antidote to this madness: sex-positive feminism, a remnant of the Second Wave. They are the ones who fought against the coalition of  Christians and the pseudo-feminists in Minneapolis in 1983, and later in Indianapolis. They struggled to defend a woman’s (and a man’s) right to choose a career as a pornstar, knocking off derisory and wildly exaggerated claims of how pornography harms women.

Every generation, it seems, concocts its own nonsense about how abhorrent porn is. They claimed initially that it causes brain damage, and that turned out to be a load of rhino feces. Then they said it causes more rapes. Turned out that the truth was the exact opposite, and in places where pornography viewing is more common, lesser rape cases are reported. Then they linked the porn industry to human trafficking, ignoring the fact that the ammo they’re using to shoot at porn is being generated by their own failures in properly regulating the industry. It’s like hiding away my broom, and then blaming me for not keeping my house clean.

And I’m sure there’s a lot more BS in the making, all in a desperate attempt to validate one’s personal moral disgust with porn. That’s pretty much the only reason.

I know they hate it when I call them “anti-sex” feminists, who dismiss it instantly as “strawman argumentation”. I believe it has something to do with my interest in calling a spade a spade. You are against sexual expressionism, you are anti-sex. Grow some proverbial balls and embrace the identity that you’ve worked so hard to foster.

The new feminists frown upon women who shave their legs and dress provocatively. As I’ve said before, if you don’t look like a hag, you can’t be a part of our club. Because that’s what feminism is now about, apparently. It’s not about a woman’s choice anymore as much as it’s a direct opposition to men’s wishes. It doesn’t matter how badly you want to shave your legs, you can’t do that because a man might like that. That would make you a man-pleaser, ergo, an anti-feminist.

The theory is that the only reason a woman makes such a choice is because she’s being influenced by a patriarchal culture to do so. Hear that ladies? Those men are putting crazy ideas in your tiny little lady brains. Your thoughts, ideas and choices are not your own. They’ve been planted there by the devious men. You have internalized their wishes. So your raison detre is to figure out what men would like you to do, and then do the exact opposite of that…even if you end up going against your own desires in the process.

Well, screw that.

I am a feminist, and a real one. I stand for equal opportunities for women. I stand for their reproductive rights and full autonomy of their own bodies. I stand for their right to be able to sexually express themselves as freely as men get to do. You stand for a near-total reversal of the sexual revolution that your predecessors have struggled for, and a general vendetta against the penis…as you go about inventing new reasons as to why everything from a spoon to a pencil-sharpener is demeaning to all women, creating an effective diversion from the real issues that plague womenkind.

    • K.Riaz
    • July 23rd, 2012

    You are not alone,my friend.

    • Big Rizvi
    • July 24th, 2012

    @ K.Riaz: Ditto.

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