The 11-year old blasphemer

Apparently, the glory of Islam has been threatened by an 11-year old girl with Down’s Syndrome.

A Christian girl has been jailed by the police, under intense pressure from the locals, for allegedly burning pages of the Noorani Qaida. She was severely beaten up, along with her mother and sister. Some homes of local Christian residents were burned, and the Christian population has left the area.

You think this is just satire? No, this is a real report. This comes just a few weeks after a psychiatric patient was brutally tortured and burned alive by a mob in Bahawalpur for, guess what, blasphemy.

So here’s the situation. The Hindus are leaving Pakistan in droves. Christians are being jailed and killed. Ahmadis and Shias are being slaughtered. Women are being abused, raped and paraded around the streets naked. And atheists and agnostics..well, they don’t even exist (Shhh!).

We are a country made exclusively for circumcised dicks. Not penises, dicks. Which means that if you’re a non-Muslim or a woman, tough luck. Minorities who dare strive for equal rights are often shooed away with the retort, “This is the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Only Islamic rules will apply here!”

Oh, our bad! We should’ve chosen to be born in a secular country instead. Silly us! Now we must shut up and pay the penalty for being the non-Islamic citizens inhabitants of an Islamic Republic.

Today, I’m more frightened and exhausted than I have ever been in years.

I’m tired of gambling with my life every time I speak up against the unending, and largely ignored, injustices against this country’s minorities. We’re not being threatened by a handful of fanatics. It’s never a single crazed person who attacks Pakistani Christians or shias or Ahmadis. It’s always mobs. Always well-funded organizations that seem to be invisible to the authorities, even when operating in broad daylight. The constitution itself is against us.

I simply do not have the energy to tie this post up in a funny or thought-provoking way.

  1. Horrific.

    How do you go on about rectifying the problem? I fail to see how it’s relevant to Islam as I am sure you would have us to believe. Surely the blame lies with corrupt political regime and general abandonment of Law enforcement. No?

    I am glad to see you are finally writing about *Pakistan*, instead of your useless diatribes against White feminists. 🙂

    • “I fail to see how it’s relevant to Islam…”

      How is it not?

      What’s happening is the logical conclusion of letting faith take precedence over reason.

      A rational person such as yourself would probably condemn this abomination, and call for the girl to be released. But religion (not just Islam) does has a proclivity to get people into bickering ceaselessly about the matter in religious rather than pragmatic terms.

      What does the Quran say about this matter? What does the sunnah say about blasphemy? What Hazrat Umar would’ve done? What does Maulana X say? What is Imam Y’s opinion? It is at the very end that one pays any heed to the voice of his own conscience, or his own head.

      When so much hate and bigotry is associated directly with a certain religious ideology, I believe it’s perfectly relevant to scrutinize that ideology.

    • Turbo Lover
    • August 19th, 2012

    It is an extreme of being sick in the head (to use nicer words). I wonder what does everyone have to say about this, especially when the news reaches people abroad. I need not to research more on this, the title and the first lines on each article and blog post on this topic are more than enough. An extremely and a very devilish state of affairs. Sorry if I sound grim, but humanity has really left this country. It is not worth living at all now.

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