Iran vs Women: You (Literally) Need Balls to Study Business Management

Iran has officially barred women from more than 70 BA and BSc courses in its universities. Why, you might ask?

My hypothesis is that they’re assholes. But I ready to concede that the situation is somewhat more complicated. So I’ll try to figure this out.

For many years, women have dominated men in the academic sphere (in Iran at least). This is a hideous attack on the dogmatic position that many Islamic countries have regarding women. About them having smaller brains. That the only knowledge they may have is that of cosmetology (arguably) and the only skill they may posses is that of wrapping the dupatta or chador around them with lightning rapidity when a member of the superior gender enters the room.

Now the Iranian ayatollahs (and I fear this disease is shared by mullahs of other countries as well) couldn’t possibly deal with the cognitive dissonance of watching women excel in their universities while believing that all females are less intelligent. Something had to be done. And this was the logical conclusion.

It’s like a little brat who tells his friend, “You can’t play with my Xbox anymore!” because the friend keeps beating him at a video game.

What else could it be? What other reason could they possibly have to prevent women from enrolling in courses like computer science? Do Iranians operate computers with their penises? I’ll never know.

What I do know is that women’s rights cannot be taken from granted anywhere. You take your eye off the ball(s?) for one second, and oops, there goes your right to vote! In such countries, all women have to morph into what people describe as “whiny feminist bitches” just to ensure that they do not get stoned to death, buried alive, or denied their basic right to education.

  1. I agree with your first conclusion, they are just assholes -___-

    • Turbo Lover
    • August 23rd, 2012

    No worse than cutting off your own leg. This will greatly hurt Iran and it’s progress.

    • amitkumar nikam
    • September 5th, 2012

    good job buddy. I really liked ur style of writing.

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