Bigotry Invades New York Subways

“In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Israel. Defeat Jihad.”

You might have seen this bit of hate speech in the subways, if not in the newspaper. I’m surprised how lightly the Muslim world has taken this ad which, in my opinion, is far more offensive than the infamous film recently released.

Offensive, because it implies that Muslims are savages. It Mordor-izes the Islamic world in its entirety, or at least the Palestinian people if you interpret it naively enough, and hails Israel as the benign force against them. The woman behind the ad, Pamela “Cuntolicious” Geller (Oh, she wouldn’t mind me saying that. She’s really into free speech!), believes that portraying Muslims as savages does not count as hate speech.

Now as a Pakistani atheist, I’ve spewed more than my fair share of vitriol against certain parts of the Islamic ideology, but I refuse to develop a general hatred for Muslims. “Jihad” isn’t just a holy war that Geller and her ignorant pals believe it is. It’s a “struggle” for prosperity of Muslims, which involves peaceful means as well. It’s a fundamental Islamic belief that is not necessarily the same as “killing infidels”.

Thank you, New York, for setting a precedent that hate speech is acceptable if it’s popular enough.  It’s not even a spoken word anymore. It’s in the form of a poster that’s right in your face, like that classic stench of vomit that greets you in half the stations city-wide.

You wouldn’t approve an ad using expletives in the name of “free speech”, would you? Can I post an ad across New York calling Pamela Geller a fuckface? Probably not. Apparently the first amendment does not give you a right to say anything anytime anyplace.

How about we keep all the fucks and shits in these ads, and instead ban the hate speech that’s impeding our efforts at interfaith harmony? Wouldn’t that be a more worthy prohibition?

Fight your battle against the ideology, NOT the people.

    • Turbo Lover
    • September 27th, 2012

    Many things have gone unnoticed, maybe the media gives support to spicy news. I remember a similar thing happening in Denmark 6 or 5 years back. Only violent protests happened back then. But now, people are killing one another, robbing banks and stores, destroying their own property, news channels are turning their logos black and white over this movie. I find it offending that she has said that ALL Musilims are savages. Look at me, the guy posting this post, am I a savage? Probably not. Yes, the ideology should be fought, you can’t always blame the people. A fact, even if you give all your food to a starving person and stand up to the hunger. Even THAT is Jihad. “Jihad” is just Arabic for struggle.

  1. When you open an atheist bookstore, a gay bar, and a Christian church in downtown Islamabad without getting your heads cut off, than you’ll be a civilized society.

    • I totally agree!

      Though I was not aware that this was a competition. The goal is to criticize whatever’s wrong anywhere in the world..

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