Another Blog Post About Bras and Boobs

Feminists, anti-feminists and plain horny people who stumbled upon this piece by accident (no images for you, shoo!), welcome back!

I came across yet another article on bra-burning today, written by a Facebook friend of mine. If you don’t have time to read the entire article about how bras are an invention of a patriarchal society, allow me to summarize it.

One garment to rule them all
One garment to find them
One garment to bring them all
And in Darkness, bind them!

While that captures the essence of the diatribe, I would like to respond a little more specifically to the points raised by the author.

The principal concern is that bras are meant to sexualize a non-sexual body part. This includes training-bras. You can tell that the author’s a male by his obliviousness of what boundless (yes, I use that word most deliberately) joy is to go out jogging with the breasts flying all over the place. In this case, at least, bras have more to do with aerodynamics and comfort than male-domination.  In case you’re asking, I’m a guy too but I have man boobs, so I’m at least partially qualified to make this assessment (not that you needed to know that).

If breasts are a non-sexual body part, then I don’t see why a bra-burning feminist should consider a person ogling at a woman’s breasts
as “sexual” harassment. Perhaps the next time a person says “Excuse me, miss?”, he could knock on the knockers instead of tapping on the shoulder, or any other non-sexual body-part. If the goal is to ‘unsexualize’ the female breasts, then why continue to treat them as sexual objects yourselves?

The author – no, wait. I think the term ‘random-guy-with-access-to-the-keyboard’ is more appropriate. The guy spices up his argument with the claim that bras can cause breast cancer. As a doctor, I’ve never heard of this (probably because sexist men control medical science). I couldn’t find any credible study on this on the internet either. I’m guessing this is no more of a hazard than a tight neck-tie is for males, as it causes throat problems, cardiovascular issues and deaths due to entanglement in moving machine parts.

It pisses me off whenever feminists start suggesting that people can be “taught” what they should or shouldn’t be sexually attracted to. This polemic flies awfully close to the gay conversion hypothesis, which I have a personal disgust for due to my bisexual orientation.

Listen, folks, if you could actually teach a person what to be sexually attracted to, gays would not exist! I cannot imagine anyone in our exquisitely homophobic societies teaching young boys to be attracted to abs, muscular pecs or facial hair. Yet it happens! It is obvious that when it comes to sexual preferences, nature trumps nurture. It is extremely unlikely that men’s affection for women’s breasts is something that has developed artificially.

While it’s not possible to absolutely rule out environmental influences and the epigenetic triggers, a woman likes what she likes, and a man likes what he likes. Stop trying to make people feel bad about liking the color orange when the socially acceptable choice is blue, especially when this preference deals no real psychosocial harm, and only perceived damage.

  1. Well, I hated bras when I was first made to wear them. I cried and I was very miserable. It’s not like wearing a T-shirt. It feels unnatural and is restrictive. Not to mention, it dug in everywhere and caused me massive discomfort. It was a training bra. You can imagine how much I hated an actual one when I got to that. Most women get used to wearing them. You wear anything for that long, it is hard to discard it. Hell, I’ve been wearing a watch that long and you should see my panic when I can’t locate it. I feel naked without it. Despite this, to this day, I hate bras. The first thing many women do when they get home is remove their bras…yes, even the ones with massive cup sizes. I usually change into a training bra myself. I would discard a bra altogether if I was living alone. There is a different between wearing a sports bra while jogging and wearing one every second of every day because it is expected of you. One is a voluntary action. Don’t even get me started on sports bras by the way. They are actually like binding. That’s their function. No woman wears it a second longer than she has to.

    Bras are very much an invention of a patriarchal society…kind of like corsets, remember those? No one could imagine getting rid of them either once upon a time. Would I burn my bras? No. Like I said, I’m used to them now and I don’t like drawing attention to myself. Imagine going braless in Pakistan. Not possible. But at least I understand the idea. When I see all those women who go braless, almost always the rich and famous, I support them…contrary to tabloids. I support women who go topless as well. I see no difference between “conservative” men arguing that wearing jeans will attract men and “liberal” men arguing that going topless will attract men. I do believe you get used to a mode of dressing. After all, there are tribes where people have no concept of bras…or tops.

    One more thing, we take our cues from our environment. The problem is not that WE think of our breasts as sexual but that we know that is how it is thought of and therefore that is how we should respond to it. I mean, jeez, in Pakistan baring a shoulder is taboo. Do I think my shoulder should cause such a stink? No. But I will act in an appropriate manner to fit in. If someone intends to be disrespectful by grabbing my breasts in the street, that is exactly how I will interpret the action. Let’s take another example. I was bitten by a dog on my breast. I bared it in a Pakistani hospital in front of a male doctor and several people walking around. Did I think my breasts were sexual and should not have been bared? No. But a cleaning lady clearly thought so and walked up to me to tell me so. I was 13. I had to go home and ask my mom if I had done something wrong. We are TAUGHT that our breasts are something that should be hidden from view, we are TAUGHT that they are sexual objects. And, in case you are wondering, no, my mother did not tell me that I had done anything wrong. She will still ask me to cover up when I go out though. A women gets enough attention without being herself. We all hide ideas we believe in or don’t do things we want to because we don’t want any trouble. I bet even you do in an environment hostile to some of your more liberal thoughts. This blog is, after all, under a pen name.

    • As I said, you can teach people to hide breasts from view, but you cannot teach a person to be sexually attracted to something. Otherwise, I may need to send some gay friends over to your place so you can teach them to be sexually attracted to women.

      What the society is guilty of is not eroticizing the breasts, but rather exoticizing them, By making their exposure such a massive taboo, we have transformed them into forbidden fruits that everybody’s dying to catch a glimpse of (which is so bizarre, considering how ubiquitous they are. Every woman has them!)

  2. You’re attracted to them? Keep it to your self. That can be taught at the very least. I don’t get the obsession with body parts anyways. Most men are attracted to women, period. I hate it when women are reduced to body parts in any discussion. All of which still doesn’t change the fact that bras are there to shape breasts into a certain shape (for the pleasure of men) which they clearly don’t naturally resemble rather than for the comfort and well-being of women.

  3. In order words, your attraction should not be MY problem. I think I’ve made it abundantly clear that what some men think is not how most women think of breasts. Their primary function is breast feeding. I have been in societies where women will start breast feeding in front of men without causing a stink or even drawing the male gaze.

    No one makes men feel bad for liking women. We hate it when we are reduced to body parts and when the attraction is treated as an uncontrollable urge to behave like an animal. In other words, I like being looked in the eye when I am speaking. I don’t look at down at men’s packages when I’m talking to them, neither do I look at their muscular arms. It’s not perceived damage, I wish it was. I have to run for a class or I’d explain better what this kind of reduction to body parts does to a women’s sense of self and how it can even, in extreme cases, help to “justify” violence.

    • Aiwass
    • December 8th, 2012

    angel. Being attracted to women, and reducing them to body parts are two different things, believe it or not. You just have to find a guy that looks for more in a woman than breasts.

    Also, women reduce us men to a handful of things all the time. Income and social status, for instance? That’s just from the top of my head, the list’s not very long. I’m kidding, of course. My point being, when we look for mates, we’re really looking for someone who meets a checklist. That’s how this world works.

      • Somefemale
      • May 21st, 2013

      Aiwass :
      That’s how this world works.

      So are you like a robot controlled by a remote? or you just do what the world tells you to do?

      Can you elaborate on your check list please? I would like to know what a man’s checklist looks like?

    • Danish
    • December 24th, 2012

    its been a month and no new entry !!!
    everything alright sir ? 🙂

    • I’ve been busy, I suppose.

      It’s certainly not because I’ve run out of things to rant about..that would be impossible!

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