Western Liberals Hate Persecuted Minorities in Islamic Countries

The title says it all. I’ll elaborate..

Ayaan Hisri Ali was only 5 years old when she had her clitoris snipped off in the name of a certain religion. A self-made woman, she pulls herself out of a trouble existence in Somalia, and blooms as an activist and a writer in America. She became a politician in Holland, and dedicates her life to exposing the misogyny inspired by religion, as well as other human rights violations.

The white feminist brigade now regard her as an Islamophobe. It’s a pity because, really, what has Islam ever done to her to deserve such ‘irrational hate’?

In fact, the greatest Islamophobes known to Western liberals are not just hicks from the bible belt, but the same ex-Muslims, those persecuted dissidents, who sawed off their feet to run to the more enlightened parts of the world; places where Islam would no longer be used against them. All “blasphemers” of the East with bounties on their heads, eventually become “Islamophobes” in the West.

Islamophobia is conceived as a form of racism, which is easily among the daftest ideas anyone has ever come up with. Islam is not a race. It is an idea, or a set of ideas, that has no rights.

Muslims deserve respect as people, as one can never truly deduce from one’s “Muslim” label what he/she believes. Muslims are, like everybody else, an extremely diverse group with a diverse set of beliefs.

Western liberals have already adorned the Holy Pope with a thorny crown, due to Christianity’s propensity to inspire racism, homophobia and misogynism. No liberal’s heart aches for this blatant Christophobia because many years ago, they decided that Christianity is not immune from criticism and must be called out for all the nonsense it inspires.

How American liberals and secularists deal with Christianity, is how Pakistani liberals and secularists deal with Islam; with eye-rolls, impatience, skepticism. The mention of the word leaves a bitter taste in the mouth of many a non-Muslim here, as they recall the injustices they’ve suffered in its name.

Every effort by activists against minority abuses in Tunisia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran – any Islamic country – is effectively thwarted by quoting scripture. In Pakistan national assembly, a Domestic Violence Bill was shelved because it contradicted Islamic values, earlier in 2012. The bill was sent into a coma as women activists screamed for justice outside the Parliament.

Do you have any idea what it feels like, to live in a country where Islam is a constant bane for women’s freedom and equality…..and then listen to Western liberals being apologists for the ideology that’s used to rubbish all our struggles for minority rights, women rights and even social justice in general?

To come home defeated from a protest, as a mullah-ridden parliament shoots down another bill for social equality in Islam’s name….and then hear some white feminist say dumb shit like, “Islam is not the problem! Patriarchy is!”

Yes, but what of the systems, the ideologies that are reinforcing and inspiring this patriarchy? Patriarchy is not some mystical dark energy that oozes out from soil, it is a social setup maintained and upheld by certain engines. Old, organized religion is, beyond a reasonable doubt, one of those engines.

As for the Muslims, it is incorrect to stereotype them all as oppressed. But it should be noted that a large number of them have been stripped of some basic rights, including the freedom of belief and self-expression.

Most Muslims do not feel oppressed, because they never use this right anyway. What they believe and express is already in line with what the Islamic societies demand. It is the non-Muslims, the ex-Muslims, the secularists, dissidents, who feel the true sting of not having this right. And when they complain, they have their voices drowned out…every…single…fucking…time, by the Muslim majority dismissing the notion of any unusual oppression in their society.

Western Liberals, as a courtesy to the Muslim minorities in their countries, have fallen in bed with an ideology that is the complete antithesis of their own secular ideas and liberal agenda.

You don’t have to be a “Mussie-hater” to be critical of the Islamic ideology and its effects on our world. No more than you have to hate smokers to acknowledge the risks of cigarettes to our health.

  1. Exactly the point I have to make to some of the pseudo-liberal ‘ultra-left’ here in the UK. If they really care about humanity as a whole, and people (not ideas), surely they would happily offend cancerous bigots for the sake of real victims?

    I’m happy to anyway.

    But I suspect that their stance may just be born of, in quite a few cases, simple ignorance and misconception. Some are quick to place you on the genuinely racist (in support, at the very least) team of UKIP or the BNP if you criticise Islam. It’s absurd.

    I criticise their (UKIP and the BNP’s) deluded extreme just as heavily. The dichotomy people draw is so very false.

    As a Humanist, I care about people first and foremost. Bad ideas can go fuck themselves – and offence is so much more desirable than the suffering of victims.*
    *That said – when a somewhat ‘warmer’ approach than ‘fuck Islamism’ is necessary, it’s taken (again with no-one but the victims in mind).

    • Turbo_Lover
    • July 11th, 2013

    I agree with your last paragraph. For those people who oppress and declare oneself ‘holier than thou’ in an attempt to create more religious people and bring them closer to their religion it generates the opposite effect in most people. Yes, I totally agree that those accused of Islamophobia can be ex-Muslims who decided to throw away their burdens once and for all because of oppression for one reason or another. Getting sick and tired of the many grey areas or confusion regarding what is forbidden and what is not is also a possibility.

    • Aiwass
    • August 3rd, 2013

    Pakistan is a tribal society, not an Islamic one. Take the way we manage our women, for example;

    No inheritance rights. Tribal, not Islamic.
    Are given away to rival clans to settle feuds. Tribal, not Islamic.
    Are killed/assaulted for honor. Tribal.

    Our codes of honor and loyalty have no basis in Islam, only in our tribal origins. Of course there are some aspects of our behavior that can be attributed directly to religion, but to think that Islam forms the backbone of the entirety of our culture is stupidity.

      • Thomas
      • June 3rd, 2014

      Umm except so much of Islam is clearly tribal, the more sophisticated concepts are from the advanced urban civilizations these tribes conquered but at its core it always betrays its tribal origins.

      “Are killed/assaulted for honor. Tribal.” Are you kidding? killing for honor is in Islam from its very beginning with the founder. Heck Mohammad orders killings based on criticism of him and killing for honor was done by his immediate followers and caliphates and endorsed by the leading religious experts of these states, are you seriously the guy in contradiction of these folks with the “true” vision of Islam which suddenly pops up in the 21st century now??

      Mohammad took women no problem, even from his relatives, so giving them would not be far off, it is along the same lines and mentality (I’m not even looking into such events which might have happened I’ll have to check). Also women were given by conquering armies to the caliphs from the very beginning. Now are you going to say the caliphs were tribal and unislamic?

      “to think that Islam forms the backbone of the entirety of our culture is stupidity.” err wtf so it doens’t form the entire backbone, the article doesn’t say that. But Islamic culture clearly has a huge influence, heck that is the whole damn existence of the country, and is present from the constitution to laws to popular culture and local authorities, Hell the author gives clear examples. Yeesh, get over the old No True Scotsman fallacy crap, at some point there is clear influence relationship between things, otherwise Islam is reduced to some minor background fad which doesn’t mean anything (including all those great things which are supposedly achievements of Islamic societies)

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