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Multiverse Chronicles: A Dream of Culinary Liberalism

Imagine an alternate universe where the evolution of religious ideology took a different turn, swapping one taboo for another. It’s a place where the focus of religious scrutiny is not the second basic instinct of humans, but the first. This is a world that enjoys sexual liberalism and full gender equality, but new restrictions have been imposed in the name of morality..

Fawad spreads himself out on the couch and runs his fingers through his hair. There’s nothing good on TV – nothing to take his mind off the dreadful series of events of yesterday. He settles for a channel airing a discussion between a crambazzled American and a scantily-clad priestess with a noose-necklace, a religious symbol Fawad had developed much disdain for.

All I know is that fried foodstuff is haram.” says the priestess vehemently. “We will not stand for West’s interference in our affairs. This is not our moral code. This is not our law. This is God’s law, and must be obeyed!” Continue reading