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Welcome, wanderer, to my little earth
of which I am the center
It’s the world I’ve perceived as flat
and enunciated a grand reality

Pay heed, you shall, to my good Lord
May you believe in Him or not
For He loves the one whose mind is closed
And smites the sage who questions

Our Rules are higher and must be followed
By believer and scoffer alike
My Flat Earth has no room for freedom
Your speech, your thoughts..unwelcome

My Flat Earth breeds an oblivious race
Who see naught beyond the edges
Here you are me, and they are us
Hence our voice alone matters

Behold the meadows of the Flat Earth
How they glisten in the Godly sun
The poppies of faith alone shall blossom
And logic shall wither and die

Vex me not with your notion of curves
For my faith shall never waver
Bless them, Lord, who shut their eyes
and muddy the pools of wisdom

Let not the notion hold its ground
In the court of horrid reality
For if we’re all the centers of surface
The where be my supremacy?

So come hither, traveler!

Drink from my goblet, ignorance at its finest!
Eat from the cornucopia, the fruits of fear!
Their rivers of logic shall flow in vain

For my Lord, the Blackmailer..
The Manipulator,
The Plotter,
Confirms a fiery retribution for the preacher of rationality!


Eulogy to Sanity

He speaks..

In debt I stand to the Other Side
I bow before his will
My skull becomes a helm
for the mind of another

Torments me, he does
With his pear-shaped tones
His voice sears my ears,
His presence defies my eyes,

He speaks, again..

Seize, he won’t, till his will be done
Relentless, he drills into me
My head yet again pregnant
with thoughts I do not own

Incarcerated in a box
I mock these wrethched walls
They can’t keep him away
He’d fuck a hole in them and reach me still

I see him now, yes..

Chastise me again, he shall
So here I lay naked, limbs spead
Euphoric, as my flesh is cleaved
my entrails yanked out, ignited

I cackle once more
Lo! Decadence personified!

My arms flailing about
to shoo away the vultures,
I’m not dead yet, fuckers!

..or am I?

No, my agony’s too vivid
My pain, too real
I shall rise once more,
Doomed to live another day,

So retreat, I shall, to silver memories,
When my thoughts were untainted,
My body, unscarred
Yes, I remember..

Back when I was alone..
Back when I was sane..