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Using Faith to Explain the Inexplicable


Why One God?

For most modern theists, its not enough that God exists, but it also has to be a single, omnipotent God. That’s way too much assertiveness for a matter we know nothing about! That’s like saying, with utter conviction, that there’s an alien living on Jupiter and his name is Hagabalucci. What are the odds of both the statements being true?

Here are the most common arguments for a unified God.

1. Just like there can’t be two presidents of one country, there can’t be two (or more) gods for this universe.

Ever heard of Switzerland, folks? They don’t have one, or two..but seven presidents! Of course, they’re not really called presidents. They’re the Swiss Federal Council, consisting of seven members with equal power. They’re the highest decision-making body of the state.

You might argue that this sort of government is highly ineffective, but it isn’t. Switzerland is a developed country with a respectable GDP and it counts among the most honest states in the world.

2. Its un-natural to believe that multiple gods of limited power each, could create and control such a magnificent universe.

That’s like saying that it’s un-natural to believe that the Empire State Building was constructed by the combined effort of hundreds of construction workers, engineers and architects. No, it’s more logical that it was built by one super-intelligent godzilla!

The human brain can be rightfully called the command center of the body. But it does not work as a singular entity. It is divided into various lobes, each concerned with its own particular set of duties. The cerebellum regulates our postural balance; medulla oblongata controls the respiratory rate and so on. We don’t see the cerebral hemispheres interfering with the heart rate and the hypothalamus storing our memories. There’s an ample amount of connectivity between the different lobes, but that connectivity is beneficial for the organism, not detrimental in any way.

Does that system remind you of the ancient religions? One god commanding the seas; one controlling the heavens; one for fertility etc? Everywhere in nature, we see collaboration. No living organism is completely independent. What evidence does a monotheist have to suggest that the same law of nature would not apply to a divine force?

3. There can’t be multiple gods because they’d end up fighting with each other all the time!

They’re gods, folks…not some drunk teenagers in the alley. They’re the wisest of all beings and they’re not bound by the emotional weaknesses of humans. Great minds think alike. Stop anthropomorphizing the gods.


The point of this post is not to prove that polytheism makes more sense than monotheism.

It is simply to remind the theists that even, by some miracle, we can establish there is indeed a divine force up there, that concept can still break down into an infinite number of possibilities that we cannot really explore. What kind of God is He? What religion does He prescribe? Does He share our feelings and emotions? Is He alone or are there others like Him? Is He really a He? Has he read Alan Moore’s comics? Because I really think they’re cool.

The Cradle of Irrationality

I could very well stomp upon the countless examples of the destructive power of faith. I could talk about the sheer ignorance, bigotry, homophobia, violence and even fascism that religions bring to the modern world. And on doing so, I’d easily annoy all those who call themselves “moderately religious”.

But that would be too easy. No, I’d rather talk about the very foundation of religion, blind faith in an omnipotent power, which makes it a dangerous magisterium indeed.

Religion may be seemingly harmless, even beneficial! But what most people fail to realize is that  it’s an excuse to discard all logic and reason. Religion sets a precedent that it’s okay to believe in something without reason or evidence. All it takes is a religious man uttering two magical words, “I believe” and all logic can very well fly out of the window.

A religious fanatic can show up at my house with a gun and say, “I believe that you need to die because you’re an Atheist” and all I can do is stand by silently and wait for the bullet to pierce my skull. “I believe” is the best argument of all time. You cannot engage the speaker of those words in a rational debate or try to negotiate with him. You just have to step back and shut up.

If my gunman example is too dramatic for your taste, allow me to bring to your attention a much more common way through which religion is impeding the progress of man: the interference of religion in matters of science. It’s funny how the creationists love to act like geniuses and try to poke holes in an established scientific fact that is evolution. Would you expect the same kind of fierce questioning if the scientists one day discover that Jesus had only maternal DNA and his conception was, in fact, immaculate? Would you expect a Christian to rise up and say, “Nah, that theory has too many holes in it!” Certainly not! Such opposition is reserved only for the aspect of science which threatens their religious agenda.

I say enough! I’m all in for freedom of belief, which is why I cannot really force people to think the way I do. But it’s imperative that they realize on their own that religion is not a benign force.