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“Dude, Where’s My Foreskin?” Asks Ex-Muslim Atheist

They could not have branded a big “M” for “Muslim” on my back with a hot iron rod, so they chose the next best option: circumcision.

You may see this as superfluous screeching over the loss of a useless little flap of penile skin. It doesn’t matter. It was MY useless little flap of penile skin. And its amputation sans medical necessity implies parental “ownership” of a child, rather than “guardianship”.

Parents, it seems, are not temporary caretakers of a child’s body until he becomes mature and smart enough to make decisions about it on his own. No, they have the express authority to manipulate the body according to their own religious beliefs. Continue reading


Who’s the sexist-est of them all?

It’s claimed that atheist men can be as bad as the religious ones when it comes to sexism and bigotry.

Just yesterday, an atheist man refused to shit a brick about The Big Bang theory being a patriarchy-affirming TV-show. Oh dear. I guess that puts him in the same league of sexists as the religious zealots who firebomb girls’ schools and force their women to wear burkas. “Atheist Taliban” as they are sardonically referred as.

Throughout our history, we’ve been plagued by men treating women as subhumans in Dawkins’ name. When their attitudes are challenged, they thunderously reply, “Who are YOU to question The God Delusion?”. And then they notice the straps of your school bag on your round, feminine shoulders and shoot you in the head. Because, you know, atheists are as bad as the religious extremists.

One of the principal failures of the radical feminists is the inability to develop more a nuanced approach on dealing with sexism.  Their inability to differentiate progression from retrogression, and realize that some things are actually better than the other. To acknowledge some progress, and not just focus on perfection. Merely huffing, puffing and snapping, “Hmph! They’re all the same!” is not an intelligent way to handle these affairs.

The atheist movement is not devoid of sexists and bigots, and there’s a lot of work to be done. But once you’ve discarded “because God says so!” as an excuse to uphold the patriarchy, you’re left with one less reason to reject feminism. An atheist has an obvious advantage over a theist, as he can change his stance without the fear of angering God and risking a permanent place in hell.

We need to stop pretending that there’s symmetry in this lunacy, because there isn’t. Religions enforce misogynistic attitudes, atheism doesn’t. It’s because there’s no atheist rule book commanding its male followers that they are “superior to men”, or that they can have multiple wives, or that their testimonies are twice as valuable as women in courts, and make “their” women wear restrictive clothing.  It’s a neutral position, which is far more susceptible to rational argumentation.

An atheist and his family: “Mom, I’m going to hell”

I’ve been doing this for a long time now..

Several years of swimming against the tide; wading through a constant stream of hate mail; switching blog addresses whenever things get too hot to handle.

I’ve been an outcast on multiple levels. I somewhat pride myself for being a Pakistani who is essentially the death of all stereotypes. I’m an atheist and a bisexual and a feminist and a far-leftist and an extremely  introverted personality. My complexion is significantly fairer than most of my fellow citizens. Even my BMI makes me an outlier (I literally do not “fit in”). If only I did not share the same race as most Pakistanis, I would’ve been Minority-Bot 4000. Continue reading

A Lesser Pakistani

Have you wondered what it’s like being a non-Islamic person living in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan?

There’s no street in this country you can walk in without having Islam rubbed into your face. Muslims barely notice that any more, but non-Muslims do. Ironically, many Pakistani Islamists would still argue that the problem with this country is too little adherence to Islamic values. Continue reading

Musings of a Godless Outsider

Those who know me as a collection of orderly lit pixels on the screen, know very little about me indeed. I do know identify myself in real life as Nayeem Aftab, the Atheist. I do not parade around the streets wearing a T-shirt with a large “A” printed on it (if you’re a fan of The Scarlet Letter or the recent teen movie Easy A, note that this particular “A” does not stand for “Adultery”). Continue reading

Atheism: The Other Extreme?

Theist apologists frequently attempt to defend faith by claiming that extremism is not the wholly-owned subsidiary of religion. It exists in all forms, both outside and within religion…and that we may vanquish religious beliefs from the society, but shall never vanquish extremism itself.

Except, for the problem that all forms of extremism are not equally detrimental to humanity.

The way I see it, the effort to portray “militant Atheism” as the other, equally harmful end of extremism, is a pitiful one. It is meant to establish symmetry merely for the sake of symmetry, without realizing that a so-called militant Atheist isn’t half as dangerous as a soldier of God.

Religious Extremist: “Hands up! Or I’m gonna set this bomb off right here!”

Liberal Extremist: “Hands up! Or I’m gonna draw a funny picture of your Prophet! Don’t test me, dammit, I’ll do it!”

To suggest that religious and liberal extremism are equally devastating, is like saying that the Tobacco companies directly responsible for millions of deaths each year are just as bad as the pesky, anti-smoking campaigners. Even though they’re both annoying at times, they’re not evenly destructive….not even close!

Liberalism, by definition, is about providing choice to people, instead of dictating them what they must do/not do with their own lives. To what “extreme” can one linger in such an area? Theists sometimes quote Stalin as an example of “Atheist extremism”, which is absurd on so many levels that I’m unsure of where to begin..

Firstly, do they not seem to realize how ludicrous it is to say, “We may have had our crusades and our inquisitions and our witch-burnings and our jihads and our Osamas and our abortion-clinic arsonists and our homophobes and our Churches that single-handedly threw science a hundred years back, but you Atheists had Stalin, so it all balances out!”. It’s a hapless tu quoque or “you too” reminiscent of a smoke bomb thrown by a ninja in movies when it’s time to escape from an unwinnable battle.

Also, there’s a difference between doing something due to a certain stance, and doing something while having a certain stance. Stalin did not go around committing genocides in the name of Charles Darwin. He did it to satisfy his personal lust for wealth and political power.

Likewise, if a Muslim robs a bank to get rich, he cannot be termed an “Islamic extremist”. However, if he commits the same crime in the name of Allah or His Prophet, then it’d be apt to call him such and perfectly valid to question the Islamic teachings that are spawning such terrorists.

So, no. There’s really no such thing as liberal extremism. To argue that a passionate whistle-blower is as bad as the perpetrator, is utterly and absolutely illogical.