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“Dude, Where’s My Foreskin?” Asks Ex-Muslim Atheist

They could not have branded a big “M” for “Muslim” on my back with a hot iron rod, so they chose the next best option: circumcision.

You may see this as superfluous screeching over the loss of a useless little flap of penile skin. It doesn’t matter. It was MY useless little flap of penile skin. And its amputation sans medical necessity implies parental “ownership” of a child, rather than “guardianship”.

Parents, it seems, are not temporary caretakers of a child’s body until he becomes mature and smart enough to make decisions about it on his own. No, they have the express authority to manipulate the body according to their own religious beliefs. Continue reading


Woman in Black #2

Woman in Black #2

YouTube ban unlikely to be lifted in Pakistan:

Woman in Black meme

Hypocritical BabeNote: Not trying to make a general statement about hijabi or niqabi women being self-righteous. Just satirizing a common attitude observed here in Pakistan.

Sunnah: The Devil's In The Details

What is sunnah?

Despite the inordinate level of reverence Muslims treat the Quran with, they show an awful lack of faith in it. They seem to believe that the book of God alone is insufficient, and reliance on a secondary source is a must. That secondary source, known as sunnah, is a compilation of all the sayings and life stories of the Holy Prophet.

The most widely followed is the compendium by Bukhari. To give you a clue of how massive this source is, the compendium contains 7,275 ahadith divided among nine volumes. Sahih al-Bukhari is just one of the six canonical collections of ahadith, which make up a total of more than 20,000 ahadith. If combined, they would form a book about fourteen times the size of the Quran itself. Continue reading